K I M B E R L E Y J E N N E S K E N S is a young, emerging contemporary fashion brand that primarily focuses on the development of luxury womenswear. Durability and excellent fit of the clean, crisp designs are a large part of the aesthetic, similar to the focus on sustainable production practices that are giving the brand a fresh and resilient view on future fashion. 

Inspired by international travels and broadened world views, the K I M B E R L E Y J E N N E S K E N S corporation is thriving towards a distinctive perspective on modern minimalism. The company is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but opens itself up to global expansion and seeks most of its inspirations in New York City. Offering the customer an experience that envisions the inspirations behind collections is an important aspect when it comes to client integration processes.

Besides a focus on regenerative design, the discipline to give back to the earth greatly influences the formation of the K I M B E R L E Y J E N N E S K E N S brand image. Fabrics are sourced locally whenever possible, cut with a zero-waste understanding of pattern creation, and processed into garments in only acceptable, nearby working environments. Exceptional quality control and reliable production developments is what distinguishes the brand from the market and are therefore the main elements in working towards becoming a leading designer brand of higher-end streetwear.